The Art of Flight

As the serene mountains of Colorado are invaded by a truly motley crew of ATLiens this weekend, I can’t help but ponder the ramifications of their epic cross-country adventure.  Think about what is happening…a bachelor party, a handful of bourbon-soaked Kentuckians, a rat-pack of Atlanta’s Buckhead-elite/Eastsiders/Westsiders and even a few “locals” will converge for a weekend of craft beers, winter sports and a LOT of altitude sickness. 

While sitting here in my cube, mired in an expansive Excel model, I came across this truly awe-inspiring trailer for a snowboarding film set to release this fall.  Check it out, but for all of you carving it up this weekend, don’t use the awesomeness of this video to get any crazy ideas.  If you find yourself grinding on any lift wires or nearing the highest tip of a pine tree, make a mental note of the closest aid station and prepare yourself for an incredibly painful wipeout because your situation will not have come by choice.


An Epic Game Review, Performed Epicly

Ever read anything that was so grammitically incorrect that it made you laugh?  Well, this video takes that hilarity to a whole new level.   Watch as this video dramatically re-creates a computer game review written by a 13 year old gamer who is less than impressed.  Needless to say, this kid most likely went down in flames in his school’s spelling bee.



“Make sure about 2:00 is what you want otherwise you’re gonna have too many people flocking around it and then the bleach is gonna get all poured out and spilled…and make sure to take Grandpa’s advice, he never liked the color blue anyway”

Disney Classics Remixed

Sure, it’s Monday, which means you’re probably experiencing at least a tiny bit of difficulty getting ready for the work week ahead.  Fortunately, I’ve got just the solution for you.  Plug your headphones in and let Pogo’s trip-hop mix-ups of some classic Disney movies get your mind right for another weekly grind.  Productivity is sure to follow.

Check out more of Pogo’s amazing mixes at or on his Youtube channel at