Way Cooler than Glee

When did being in the chorus become awesome?  Remember, back in the day, getting out of class to go to one of your school’s “assemblies” to watch the chorus perform a few numbers?  It was great to break up the monotony of your average school day but they were about as entertaining as listening to “The Wheels on the Bus” or some monotone church song ever could be.  Now imagine hearing that same chorus singing one of these songs.  The director of this chorus should be awarded a medal of some sort.


Gravity, Shmavity

This has to be the closest I’ve ever seen anyone come to actually flying.  Jeb Corliss has proven himself to be a revolutionary in the field of “Doing Crazy Stuff You Only Dream About”.  In this video, he literally comes no more than a few feet from certain death on more than a few occasions yet somehow manages to steer his wingsuit with ridiculous precision.  The most depressing part about this whole thing is that he gets paid to do it.  What do you get paid to do?

Unnecessary Censorship

If you have never seen Jimmy Kimmel’s “This Week in Unnecessary Censorship” then you’re missing out.  Here is a “best of” clip from a while back.  Enjoy.

Online Dating Fail

Considering all the options, I’d say the velociraptor would at least be in my top 2.  It’s hunting prowess would ensure delicious cuts of meat at every meal.

Thanks, WordPress

So WordPress decided to discontinue the blog theme that I had currently been using, so I have had to change it to what it is now.  If you haven’t noticed, I like to change the theme around a lot as new options become available in a search to find the perfect one.  In all honesty, it will most likely change again in the near future.  Stay tuned.

Creed Can Totally SHRED!

Creed totally shreds.  I honestly think I would buy their albums if they all contained this kind of jumbled murmuring.  I do have to thank the band, and Scott Stapp in particular, for providing the background for such an amazing dub over of what was probably a mediocre, if not horrendous, “performance”.  The funniest thing about this video is that I honestly thought it was Creed at first.  They are that bad.  Enjoy.