An Update

So, I’m sure all 10 of you who frequent this blog on a regular basis are wondering just where in the hell I have been.  Its been a hot minute since I’ve posted anything on my blog but I assure you that I won’t let it go this long without some form of update going forward.  Let me fill you in on the happenings of roughly the last month or so.

As you could surmise from my previous post, Kerry and I spent most of the months of March and April training for a 6-hour indoor cycling event.  Well, that event took place this past Saturday and it was a DOOZIE.  I’ll tell you one thing…if you have never spent 6 hours on a bike I would urge you to never do so (unless its for a good cause).  Its Wednesday and I’m still feeling the effects of spending every minute of the 6 hour ride on my bike.  Luckily, after the 4th hour my backside was effectively numb and I was able to focus on more pressing matters like why I was the only one in the entire room (200 people strong) that was sweating profusely.  I’ve always been a sweatier person than most but I’m sure that most of the group, comprised mainly of women, were offended in one way or another.  Note to self : Dry-Fit shirts, while entirely useful, only magnify what most would consider some kind of sweating condition.  All in all, the ride was a huge success and Team Bro Namath were representing like the champions they are.  The Atlanta group alone raised in excess of $150,000 which, combined with the other 4 events around the country, totaled more than $200,000 to be donated to organizations doing their damndest to create a more reliable early-detection test for Ovarian Cancer.

Also news in the James household is that Kerry and I will be closing on our first home today.  This has been a long time coming and we couldn’t be more excited.  While I’m extremely happy to moving into a home that is mine I am also relieved to be moving out of the Buckhead House-of-Terror a.k.a. Phipps Place apartments.  Its an amazing thing that such a high-end apartment complex, that charges above-average rent for even 1 bedroom apartments, can be so inept when it comes to keeping their tenants happy and safe.  I say this because just this past Monday my highly-secure Chevy truck was broken into for the 3rd time since we moved in last June.  This perplexes me.  On one hand, I’m pretty sure that with the amount of money being thrown around at this place our management office can hire some form of security to can provide a last line of defense against the “criminal masterminds” who seem to have transformed simple larceny into a freaking science.  On the other hand, I can’t for the life of me figure out why these crooks have chosen to target what is most likely the crappiest car in the entire parking deck.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my truck and can’t see myself ever parting ways with it, but if you could see the cars that co-habitate with mine you would be amazed.  At my apartment, BMWs, Lexus’, Mercedes, Range Rovers and Jagyouars are the norm.  I should be taking this as a compliment but the credit card balance I have racked up repairing my broken windows and door handles won’t let me.  The only solace I get from all of this is that I know that somewhere in Atlanta, this group of miscrients is most likely jamming out to some great music on one of the 2 iPods I have had taken from me.  In summary, DO NOT LIVE AT PHIPPS PLACE.  Tell your friends, your family and anyone else you know who may ever consider this hell hole as a suitable living quarters…your car WILL be broken into. 

Now, the month of May is upon us.  Pool season is here and its time to get in shape for it.  Kerry and I, accompanied by two athletic specimens, will undertake a new workout regime, Crossfit, beginning May 17th.  I wish that they had spectator bleachers at this gym because watching the four of us struggle through one of the toughest workouts around is sure to be quite a show.  I’ve learned a lot about Crossfit through extensive research and it is sure to be a killer.  I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on our “progress” through the first 2 weeks of the workout.

Going forward, I’ll do my best to keep the blog updated so that I can fill your day with joy and amusement.  Check back often for more humorous postings as well as frequent updates on the day-to-day happening of the James’.


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