Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Christmas is just around the corner and your annual Christmas Party is fast approaching.  Sure, I’ve busted out the Frank Sinatra Christmas album already and have been enjoying it in my cube…so what?  You know what, you can listen to your Slipknot cd and be all grinchy.  I’ll enjoy the sweet sounds of “The Christmas Song” and dream of better days ahead.  I know it’s only mid-November but if you’re like me, but it’s never too early to be prepared for all that Christmas has to offer.  It’s time for me to start looking for some new gear for the holiday season, which means its time to buy a new Christmas sweater.  Maybe these people can help.

I feel pretty, oh so pretty

Wow…Pepe Le Pew and a Liger all on the same sweater vest.  Finish it off with a festive turtleneck and you’re ready for egg nog and bad decisions.  That back drop is amazing.

 When you’re parents were cool.  They harbor no shame for wearing their favorite attire and they even got so drunk at the office party that they wandered onto the local farm and copped a billy-goat.  Their Christmas is officially a success.

Wilbur has no pants on...giggidy

No explanation needed.  This couple is most likely from the same party as the previous couple.  Wilbur is just happy to be out of the office building’s basement and seems to have recently found is often misplaced red stapler.  At the office party, he did not receive his piece of cake. 

Ow Ow!

While it isn’t exactly your traditional Christmas garb, she will sure be turning heads at her next Christmas gathering.  She may not seem to be in the “Christmas spirit” but she is just pissed that she was pulled out of shotput practice early to snap this gem.  If I can find a pair of those tights in a light green then my Christmas outfit is officially complete.

It is a daunting task to find a new sweater and I wish I could wear my old one, but now it fits me like an XXL snuggie.  It will be tough, however, to choose one that is just right for me.  Now comes the task of putting together a festive gathering for all to attend.  Christmas sweater required.  Who’s in?


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