Natural Selection

Somewhere, advocates of Darwin’s theory of evolution are sporting some shit-eating grins regarding this Bostonian’s recent act of stupidity.  Why?  Because Amy Winehouse here is doing everything she possibly can to fall victim to natural selection.  I guess people refuse to believe what Devon Sawa was trying to tell us…that Death has a bounty on your head and he means to collect.  I understand its hard to be completely critical of her, though.  I mean, who hasn’t gotten so drunk one night that you stumbled to your nearest subway station, stood as close as you can to the tracks and then belly-flopped onto them just as the train was approaching.  Maybe she just realized that she was about to get on the Doraville train when she really needed the one headed for North Springs.  My fellow Atlantans can appreciate that.  She even seems to come to grips with the fact that the train is about to get all guillotiney on her and give the Headless Horseman someone to hang out with. 

In any case, I think it is time for this girl to seriously consider instituting a “buddy system” when she hits the clubs, or maybe she just needs a friend to follow her around attached to a backpack leash.  Ya, she definitely needs a backpack leash. 





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